Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome to ShirtlessStars Clips. As a fan of the shirtless male body, I sometimes find it tedious sitting through an entire 60 minute tv program, or 2-hour movie, just to watch a shirtless scene which might last for only a few minutes. When you take into account the close-up shots of the guys that don't show anything below the shoulders, the obstructed camera angles with objects/characters blocking the view, or those times when the shirtless guy is not even in the shot, your often left with only a few seconds of uninterrupted shirtlessness. For the past two years, I have been recording, editing, and archiving shirtless scenes from english language soaps, spanish language telenovelas, reality series, and movies in an effort to remove all the unnecessary distractions and focus only on the beauty of the shirtless male star. This blog will showcase the fruits of my labor.

NOTE: These clips are NOT full scenes, but rather edited compliations of the shirtless shots within a scene. Due to the nature of the editing process, some edits last only 2-3 seconds, and the accompanying audio track has been lost. The effect of this can be somewhat jarring at first, but allows you to focus purely on the visuals provided by the shirtless stars featured in these scenes.

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